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Address: Ali Naji Street, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq Tel : +964 (0) 53 320 9693 Tel : +964 (0) 770 159 0420 Email: info@alpafour.com

Providing Coverage for Over 20 years

Alpa Four is an Iraqi based International Trading and Transportation Group. The group has been built up by educated people with different kind of backgrounds. Alpa Four is a collection of knowledge and experiences in different horizons such as Business, Marketing, Transportation, engineering, Security, etc.


As a general trading group of companies

As a general trading group of companies, our concept updating and quality & credibility valuing bring us good reputations. Our companies try to supply the best quality of services and best price for every customer.What makes Alpa four unique is the size, scope, information-gathering capabilities, and functional diversity.

Alpa Four Group

 Is an economic organization whose functions consist of distributing the risk of large, complex transactions; reducing transaction costs through economies of scale; and making efficient use of capital.

Insisting on the tenet of “Excellent Quality, Competitive Prices, Best Service”, we are looking forward to build long-term business relationships with you for mutual benefit.

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