Parezgar is one of the leading security and emergency response companies in Iraq, Kurdistan region.

Parezgar operates in all market segments and has a customer and staff centric philosophy. This is illustrated by our highly independent management and our investment in staff training as an accredited Registered Security Organization.

Our work covers the highly threated, developed and complicated market of Iraq in different industries. Our services provide risk mitigation delivered with the consultancy of our international and local professional team of management. We ensure our clients that our flexible and protective services of security will secure the growth of your business.

We are well-known for our values of Integrity, Teamwork, Attitude, Performance and Passion which were carefully chosen form the framework for our commitment to outstanding customer service as well as guiding our daily actions.

Among a wide-range of security services, Parezgar provides manned guarding, recruitment, training and consulting and investigation services for different types of sectors including government, mining, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, defense, and educational institution sectors.

Why Parezgar 

At Parezgar Security Services, all of our security guards are carefully chosen based on their level of professionalism, mannerisms, aptitude and skill. They also undergo a complete and thorough background check.
Our intensive management and training preparation security officers ensure their ability to smoothly provide personal and corporate security.

Our Mission

We work to secure, protect and support our clients in any time and place via our valuable services of security.

Parezgar Business Philosophy

Parezgar exceeds the market competitors in meeting the standards of what a security company consists of in the industry today.

Parezgar is the next generation of contract security providers. We know what it takes to keep you and your
business safe, but more importantly, we know how to add value to your company by providing superior customer service and attention to detail. We take responsibility of every customer’s company and property. We are proud of what you and your company have accomplished and ensure that each of our security guards displays that pride to you and your customers through their appearance and attitude.




Our guard services are available 24 hours a day for all types of businesses. Parezgar is capable of providing security guards at a moment notice. Our staff are customer-oriented professionals, fully uniformed and equipped with the necessary tools to get the job done right. Our guard force is well trained in security policy and procedures.

Our Security Services Include:
• Convoy Security
• Personal Security Detail (PSD)
• Event Security Management
• Facility Security-Industrial-Private (Access Control-Static Guards)
• Anti-Terrorism & Force Protection
• Operations Center / Communications
• GPS Tracking Devices & Iraq-Wide Movement Tracking
• Quick Reaction Force (QRF)
• Full Spectrum Security Training
• Vehicle & Personal Inspection
• Building Force Protection Improvements
• Security Hardening
• Crisis & evacuation planning

Top of the Line Training

Parezgar provides screening of personnel as well as training specific to the control center environment. Officers undergo command center training that focuses on advance planning, preparation for all contingencies, and effective communication to ensure a high level of awareness throughout the entire facility.
We are very committed to hiring only the very best; we provide professional looking Uniforms and top quality state of the art Equipment to our personnel. Parezgar provides a full range of Performance Specific Training both as a requirement for employment and in addition to periodic refresher training and new information so that our personnel can perform their duties in a superior manner. A well trained, professional employee is a credit to the company and our clients.